Who can submit reports? What should be reported?
Our whistleblower system is open to anyone, not just Schindhelm Alliance employees.
You can report actual or suspected violations of laws and regulations, our Code of Conduct and Business Conduct and any of our policies, as long as you do so in good faith.

Who receives and processes the reports? What is the procedure for investigating reports?
Reports are processed  in compliance with all necessary procedural principles (in particular confidentiality and protection of the whistleblower). We first independently carriy out a plausibility check of the reported information (depending on the reported circumstances and provided that the report contains sufficient information). If necessary, we can request the support of other external consultants.

How do I submit a report?
To submit a report, first click on the "submit a new report" button at the top of the introduction page of our online platform.

Select the focus of your report (e.g. corruption, fraud, anti-competitive practices, etc.) or a "general notice". 

Describe the concern of your report and answer a few questions to enable Schindhelm to investigate the case in a targeted manner. You can also upload documents and leave a voice message.

Then submit the report. You will then receive a confirmation that your report has been submitted. 

You will receive a link and password to access your protected mailbox. You can use your mailbox to receive information on the progress of your report and to communicate with the person handling your report. You do not have to reveal your identity for this purpose, unless you wish to do so.

Can I send a report anonymously?
Yes, this is possible. Although we encourage you to provide your name to facilitate the processing of the case, such information is completely voluntary. During communication via your protected mailbox, you can remain anonymous if you wish. At no point during the entire reporting process will you be asked to provide your name or email address.

How do I access my mailbox?
After submitting the report, you will receive a link with access to a protected mailbox and a password.

Remember these details to access your protected mailbox. Your login details are known only to you. When confirming the set-up of your mailbox, you will not be asked to provide your name or e-mail address. Therefore, you cannot reset your password if you lose it! If you lose your login data, please submit a new message to set up a new mailbox. If possible, please include the date of your original message. As this is a new mailbox, the contents of your original message will not be displayed.

You can view your mailbox at any time by accessing it using a link and password.

How do I receive feedback on my report?
You will receive feedback on your report via your protected mailbox. This mailbox allows you to communicate securely and confidentially with the person processing your report. If necessary, you will be asked for further information or kept up to date on the progress of the investigation. In addition, you will be informed of the final results.

All this is possible without you ever having to reveal your identity. The person handling your report will only receive the information you want to share.

Depending on the circumstances reported and provided that the report contains sufficient information, Schindhelm will process the report and contact the relevant persons in the company to assess the validity and urgency of the situation.

Do I also have the option of reporting my tip to another organisation?
Yes, you can also submit your report to the federal government's external reporting centre.

For Ireland:
For England:
However, we encourage you to submit reports via this internal reporting centre in order to ensure that your report is processed as efficiently and quickly as possible.